22 December 2021

Graphic Design: Why Send Your Customers Cards?

Graphic Design: Why Send Your Customers Cards?

Maintaining an excellent relationship with your customers is essential to your business’s long-term success. While some companies often focus more on acquiring new customers, you mustn’t forget about your existing customers.

Abstract Creative Studio is a graphic design agency in Hampshire, with a proven track record of supporting our clients to attract more of the right customers, retain more loyal clients, and convert valuable leads with professional graphic design services.

One of the most effective types of graphic design which can go a long way, particularly for customer retention, is to send printed cards.

Should Businesses Send Printed Cards to Their Customers?

Some businesses may hire a graphic and social media design agency like Abstract Creative Studio to create printed brochures, leaflets or other printed materials. They may even hire external graphic designers to create digital designs like social media graphics, templates or online brochures, or even explore brand identity, logo design and potentially undergo a complete rebrand.

Often, a company may ask a graphic design company to create relevant, engaging designs to help keep their current customers happy. Many businesses are unsure of the best way to strengthen their customer relationships through the power of graphic design.

Printed greeting cards are some of the most efficient marketing materials that boost engagement while keeping relationships alive and well.

The beauty is that printed materials like greeting cards, thank you cards, or well-wishing cards are more personable than off-the-shelf products you can buy anywhere. Taking the time to send a unique card to your customers with a specific message, your branding, business logo, and a unique theme (celebrating a particular occasion like Christmas, for example) on the card will go a long way.

Print and Digital Designs, with Your Customer in Mind

One of the most critical elements of keeping your existing customers happy is to ensure your cards (and any other design service you need) are all consistent. As a graphic design and brand agency, we produce visually appealing designs for your business that are perfectly targeted towards YOUR customers, and that’s vital to how we work. To find out more, please get in touch with the Abstract team.

Benefits of Sending Printed Cards

The beauty of sending high-quality, well-designed printed materials is that this doesn’t have to be exclusive for a festive period like Christmas. You can benefit massively from sending cards all year round, for various reasons. They can act as a friendly reminder to your clients, letting them know you’re grateful for their business, their trust, and that you value them as a customer.

Here are some other reasons why sending cards can be beneficial to your business:

They help you to stay in touch.

Rather than sending lots of sales material, a greeting card is just a friendly reminder of who you are, and a company you’ve done business with will appreciate this sincere gesture, whatever the occasion. It may even remind them to book a review meeting or catch up with you.

They are more memorable than emails.

Communication is easier these days. However, emails are quickly and easily forgotten about, and significantly less personal. There’s no guarantee your customers will read all the items in their email inboxes, much less respond to everything. In comparison, they will appreciate the effort of a physical printed card being sent and a personal message.

They strengthen personal relationships.

Connecting with customers with personalised greeting cards is vital to securing long-term relationships, showing you want to provide good service and make your customers feel special and valued.

They build brand recognition and loyalty.

You want customers to recognise your brand; therefore, all materials should include your branding and your company logo and graphics reflecting your business culture. Sending a personal card or gift will help instil your business firmly in your customers’ minds.

They help you stand out from your competitors.

You need to set yourself apart from the competition, so showing your uniqueness and point of difference is a great way to help you stand out. Going the extra mile for new customers could be vital to winning new business and reestablishing yourself to those already working with you.

Free Review from a Creative Agency in Hampshire

If you’re looking at ways to use professional design to connect with your customers, then the graphic design services from Abstract Creative Studio could be just what you need to make those emotional connections.

As we go into a new year, you’ll likely want to hit the ground running after a well-deserved Christmas break. The right printed marketing materials can help your customers feel valued, and our team of creative designers can work with you to create the right materials, approach and strategy for making these designs work well.

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