29 September 2021

Why Your Brand & Graphic Design Should be Consistent

Why Your Brand & Graphic Design Should be Consistent

When producing customer-focused graphics and designs for a business - something we take great pride in here at Abstract Creative Studio - there are several aspects to bear in mind.

As we say regularly, we design with your customer in mind. This means that we don’t just take on any brand logos, social media templates, online brochures or any other type of project without considering how your customers see you. It goes without saying how important your customers are, but one of the crucial ingredients to appealing to them is being consistent in your graphic design and marketing materials.

Consistency is vital for any business’s content. This guide is here to explain why it’s essential to have consistent, customer-focused marketing materials.

We ensure that everything is consistent for our clients. We deliver blog and website graphics for Accurate Mechanical Services - an air conditioning company based in Hampshire - along with social media branding, digital brochures and their sales collateral. Their designs all feature the same strongly branded and consistent elements, helping them stand out from their competitors. Read more here.

What Does Consistency Mean in Graphic Design?

In graphic design, logo design and branding, consistency is crucial for tying separate pieces of work together. By staying consistent in any branded piece of content, whether this is a flyer, brochure, case study booklet, social media graphics, templates or any other print or digital material with your logo and branding on it, your audience can immediately recognise anything that’s connected to your business.

With a consistent strategy in your branding and graphics, your customers can immediately understand that every piece of content is connected and communicating with them.

Think of a famous brand like Coca Cola or Domino’s. Mentioning these brands probably brings their respective colours, logos and brand identities to mind. This is because their branding is very consistent, and every piece of promotional material they send out follows that same branding. Their logo design stays the same, whether on printed flyers or menus, billboards, packaging and advertisements on TV, and people remember it. That approach has worked, and to have a similar impact on your target audience, you need to adopt the same approach by being as consistent.

Not following this strategy could result in a very confusing brand. If a customer scrolls through your website, brochures or social media and finds a surplus of different content, with various typefaces, graphics, imagery, sizes and inconsistent branding, they will most  likely find this off-putting. Adopting a consistent approach alleviates that issue.

Why is Brand and Design Consistency Important?

Graphic design companies like Abstract Creative Studio encourage clients to be consistent in all areas of their design, from their core branding to every small piece of promotional merchandise they could possibly produce. But why do we do this?

  1. Consistency helps build a relationship with your audience.

People often like familiarity, and it’s no different for the visual designs of businesses they rely on. As consumers, we’ve come to recognise specific styles from a select few brands and - while we’re not saying you have to deliver carbon copies or mimic the big names - you have to strike that balance between consistency and uniqueness.

When it comes to your business, Abstract Creative Studio’s graphic and logo design team help you visually communicate your services, products and offers to build that strong relationship with your consumers.

  1. Being consistent saves time during the design process.

As graphic designers, we’re no strangers to vast design projects, working on anything from social media graphic templates to a series of online brochures for technical, complicated services. These projects take a lot of time, so it’s important to have a consistent style and set of assets to get everything done more quickly.

Each design piece needs to communicate a specific message and connect with your customers. As a graphic design company working with you (rather than for you), consistency means we won’t have to start from scratch each time we create something for your business. With a consistent approach, we can churn out high-quality graphics and assets for your business in plenty of time, so you’re not held up in getting your message out there!

  1. It helps your graphic designs communicate more effectively and look professional.

Generally speaking, consistent communication looks more professional and helps reinforce a particular message to your customers. It is far more visually appealing and professional for people to look back and see a set of visually consistent branded content than a series of mismatching and disjointed images. Designs lacking in that approach can simply be very off-putting to prospective or returning customers.

Help from a Graphic Design Agency in Hampshire

Hopefully, what you’ve read has helped you understand why we take consistency seriously for our client projects. As an agency focused on helping you strengthen your relationship with your customers through designs, we can help you do that through ready-to-use, translatable and striking graphics that work for you. We are passionate about making your business look professional, from your core branding to your ongoing printed or digital marketing materials.

All of our design services are viewable in our digital booklet and bespoke to each of our clients. If you’d like to find out more, or arrange a chat with our team, get in touch with us via our contact form.