11 October 2021

How Businesses Can Communicate Through Graphic Design

How Businesses Can Communicate Through Graphic Design

The primary purpose of digital and graphic design is to communicate your ideas and messages to your customers in a visually appealing and concise way. However, simply adding a nice-looking graphic onto a printed leaflet and pasting some placeholder text alongside it won’t do the trick.

If you want to drive your message home to the people that matter most to your business, you need to set the right tone with your design approach. Whether you’re educating your customers on complex services, explaining your values or generating interest in an upcoming event you’re taking part in, your design needs to be perfectly aligned for whomever you’re trying to reach. This is where the power and potential of graphic design come into play.

How Do I Use Graphic Design to Communicate My Services?

If you’re trying to grow your business through various marketing channels, communication is vital. In a world where we need to be responsive and quick to react to change, it’s never been more important to communicate clearly. Ensuring your message gets through to the right people at the correct time can make a substantial positive difference.

Our need for instant gratification very much drives today’s digital age. We’re constantly surrounded by information, and, by extension, we always crave more, whether this is through quick 2-minute explainer videos or breaking news written in 280 characters or less. As business owners, you need to communicate precisely at the right time and in the best way possible; otherwise, you run the risk of your visual communications being lost in translation.

This is why graphic design that puts your customers first is a ticket to quickly and effectively striking that emotional connection with them. People’s attention spans are notoriously short, so it’s crucial that whichever type of graphic design - be it social media templates, digital brochures, infographics or anything in between - catches your customers’ eyes when it matters.

We have to adapt our communication styles to be clear, concise and compelling for it to work. This may seem difficult if, on the surface, you have services that seem complex or highly technical and challenging to surmise in one single graphic. However, Abstract Creative Studio are no strangers to that, as you’ll see below.

HR DEPT (North & South East Hampshire) needed assistance communicating a new service to their customers. They wanted their customers to see what was involved in delivering a specialist recruitment solution. With Abstract’s help in curating professional, branded infographics, they could educate and inform their customers effectively and easily.

HR Dept Hampshire

Tips for Better Communication in Graphic Design

If you’re looking at ways to improve communicating complex information to your customers, consider the tips below from a graphic design agency that has helped several businesses communicate clearly through their marketing materials.

  1. Consider printed or digital flip brochures.

Brochures make for straightforward and hassle-free reading for your customers. You can improve your communication with well-written and engaging copy alongside infographics, logos and designs that complement your brand and message. For more information, check out our online brochure design services in our digital service flipbook.

  1. Simplify your explanations with infographics.

As per our example above, infographics present superb opportunities to concisely sum up what you do and how you add value. Infographics can take almost any shape or form, so see what types fit your branding and use them to your advantage.

  1. Include testimonials wherever possible.

One of the most effective ways to convince people to convert is to include real testimonials from similar, like-minded customers you’ve helped in the past. Never underestimate the power to include a testimonial about how you’ve made a difference, accentuated through clever and visually enticing graphic design.

  1. Ensure it’s visually appealing.

As a general rule of thumb, graphic design ideas always need to look professional and high-quality. While you must ensure they don’t detract from your message, you should always put plenty of thought and planning into making them look the part.

  1. Turns stats or data into stories.

Similarly to testimonials, facts and figures help to accentuate how you add value and make a significant difference. These can convince people, but sometimes others prefer a narrative or a story. Therefore you should consider balancing both approaches, once again backed up in branded graphics on your website, social media posts, emails, newsletters or other marketing materials.

Help from a Graphic Design Agency in Hampshire

Abstract Creative Studio design with your customer in mind; we believe that consistency in your designs leads to greater recognition from your customers. We’ve seen that first hand, producing a wide range of design projects for various clients, with digital and printed brochures, blog graphics, infographics, social media graphics, and much more.

With us, you’re getting that personalised, consistent structured and collaborative approach, designing with your customers at the heart of each piece.

We’d love to hear how we can help support your marketing efforts through professional graphic design, so why not get in touch with us?