23 July 2021

9 Key Benefits of Digital Brochures for Promoting Your Business

9 Key Benefits of Digital Brochures for Promoting Your Business

We all visualise and consume material in different ways. While some of us prefer reading and absorbing words, many others like to process images, graphics and visuals as they find that easier to digest. Everybody is different, and your customers will likely consist of people that fit into both these ‘categories’. So how can you, as a business owner, capitalise on this and appeal to far more of your customers?

You may have used printed brochures, flyers or leaflets in the past to communicate to your audience. Well-designed brochures that a graphic design company has created can resonate well with a business’ target customers, whether by highlighting products and services, telling stories in case studies, or client testimonials, among other things.

But if the past 18 months have inspired you to embrace digital technology, did you know you can reap the same benefits by using digital brochures?

What is a Digital Brochure?

Digital brochures are essentially your printed marketing materials but are displayed interactively on a screen. Digital booklets, leaflets, flyers and the like can be optimised for various channels, including websites and PDFs, or make use of real-time animations, to serve whatever purpose you need.

Why are Digital Graphics Used?

Digital graphics are used for several reasons. In the same way that businesses use standard graphics to promote their products or services, advertise events, give people instructions, educate the public or simply entertain people, digital graphics can do the same.

In an increasingly digital world, companies frequently require digital brochures to do any or all of the above. Some people find physical brochures bulky and obtrusive, while others prefer the interactive elements of a digital flyer. Digital graphics can come with ready-made templates, making them easier to update and adapt, which is ideal for constantly evolving or expanding companies. That is only scratching the surface, and we will delve into this in more detail in a future blog post.

If you haven’t considered investing in digital flyer design before now, here are some reasons why you should consider these versatile and valuable tools.

Benefits of Digital Brochures

  1. Digital leaflets, flyers and brochures can be updated in real-time, which helps your customers stay informed about what’s going on in your business. You can roll out updates to either existing brochures or webpages where the brochure’s hosted. This is easier and saves more time than editing and printing bulk loads of printed leaflets and sending out repeated batches.
  2. These brochures can be used flexibly during the sales process, for example, used on-screen during client meetings and then sent in a follow-up email so the recipient(s) can view it in their own time.
  3. You can construct a series of digital flyers or brochures if you have several ways of working with your customers. You can also use these if you have hard-to-explain services that may be easier to understand as broken down content.
  4. Digital brochures can be hosted online in various formats, from PDFs and Word documents to static images, making them incredibly versatile for your needs.
  5. You can customise numerous types of digital flyers, as well as design and distribute them without much difficulty, particularly if you’ve got an expert graphic design agency working with you on your materials!
  6. There are no print costs associated with digital brochure design, which is a massive factor for businesses looking to save money and become more environmentally focused.
  7. Digital brochures, flipbooks and leaflets can be shared easily across your social media channels and don’t take up swathes of storage space for downloading.
  8. Regardless of what screen your customers use to read your brochure, the multi-screen compatibility makes it accessible anywhere.
  9. Digital brochures are more useful now more than ever. With videoconferencing becoming the norm and face-to-face meetings remaining a ‘few-and-far-between’ affair, sending your digital brochure is much easier than handing over a copy of your brochure. This looks to be the case for a while, despite the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Hopefully, you’ll have seen from our online brochure - and how we use it - that it helps us to explain what we do in tremendous detail without overwhelming you. This is why at Abstract Creative Studio, we’re focused on putting your customers at the heart of your marketing. We want to help make your brand, services, and products stand out while being straightforward to understand for your customers, in turn, making them want to work with you.

Help from a Digital Design Agency

When you’ve got your online brochure content sorted (either by yourself or with the help of a copywriter, which we can help you with), we can set up an 8-page design for brochures.

Our online brochure package starts at £395.00+VAT, which includes a digital conversion at no extra cost.

Alternatively, if you would like an existing printed brochure converted, we can do this for £50.00+VAT.

If you have any questions, please give us a call - we’d be happy to help!