16 July 2021

What is Brand Identity and Why is it Important?

What is Brand Identity and Why is it Important?

What is Brand Identity and Why is it Important?

Your brand is arguably the most important investment you can make in your business. Without a strong brand identity, you risk missing the mark with your ideal target customers

Abstract Creative Studio are experienced brand identity designers who design with your customers in mind. Many of our clients have come to us needing a rebrand because they recognise their previous one was outdated and, in many cases, failed to reflect them as a business.

There could be many reasons why a brand design may not live up to expectations, but Abstract Creative Studio are perfectly placed to help. Our team are great at coming up with creative, bright design ideas for branding that help you connect and engage with your customers while standing out from your competition. We’ve compiled this short blog post to help you understand why it’s essential not to overlook your brand identity.

What is Brand Identity Design?

Brand identity is essentially anything that represents your brand visually. This could be anything from the following:

  • Business logo
  • Design style
  • Colour scheme
  • Photography
  • Workwear or uniforms
  • Business cards
  • Social media or website design
  • Packaging or printed materials

Brand identity design is your perceived image and the various physical and digital pieces that combine to form your overall brand. More specifically, it’s usually what your customers notice first about your business - that crucial first impression.

Your visual brand design is something you want to get right from the start, as it’s usually the first thing your customers see. It should convey your business’ personality instantly. Your branding should accurately reflect what you do while portraying your values, quality and sector.

All brand designs are vital to your customers’ impressions of you. Therefore they have to be unique and strike an emotional connection with your customers.

What Makes a Great Brand Identity?

Having a strong visual brand identity is made up of various elements, which we have outlined below. All of these offer something unique to your brand, and our graphic design team can work with you to achieve:

  1. A Professional Look

Strong brand visuals give the impression that you are an established, confident and reliable business. Well-designed logos and graphics stand out far more than businesses that rely on clipart, overused templates and cookie-cutter options from free applications like Canva.

  1. Consistency

Brand identity visuals create a sense of consistency, mainly if you use them across your printed and digital marketing materials, website and social media. Consistency across your various channels, profiles and deliverables will make your brand more recognisable in the eyes of your customers. Inconsistent branding can be confusing to your audience.

  1. Recognition

Following on from the point about consistency, making your brand recognisable is a key ingredient for a strong brand identity. Gaining recognition from your customers over a long period of time will keep them coming back to you, which benefits your business if you’re looking to improve customer retention and relationships.

  1. Differentiation

One of your priorities should always be to stand out from the crowd. Depending on your industry’s competitiveness, you may be competing alongside many more businesses with a similar-looking logo, graphics and social media branding. How are you going to stand out in the eyes of your customers? How are they going to be able to separate you from the others without any noticeable differences? Taking time to create and think carefully about your brand from your customer’s perspective will do wonders for your individuality.

  1. Quality

Investing in quality brand design shows you’re serious about - and take great pride in - what you do. Customers recognise a brand logo, graphic and digital designs that have been professionally curated. By investing in your business’ success, you can tell your customers - through your branding - that you’ll do the same for them.

Help from a Brand Design Agency

If you’re looking for a rebrand project, Abstract Creative Studio are here to help. We have helped many clients overcome the obstacles of connecting with their customers by designing and redesigning new high-quality graphics and logos which gave their brands the boost they deserved.

Our graphic designers take the time to understand your business - as well as what’s working and not working - from your customers’ point of view. We work with you to develop branding that will connect and resonate with them.

If you’re looking to collaborate on a rebrand project, or perhaps are a startup looking for a logo design agency, we’d love to hear from you.

Or, you can find out more about our three logo design packages in our online brochure.

Brand design should be at the heart of everything, and if you’re looking at ways you can make your brand more transferable and recognisable, we can help with that.

If you’d like a no-obligation review, get in touch with Abstract Creative Studio today.