Hopefully, you know by now that Abstract Creative Studio are all about producing fantastic, customer-focused branding and graphics. We want to do this by giving you a positive, valuable experience.

Now we'd like to help you get to know us as a company!

our history

The company was founded by Tara Morris in 2014, under its original name of Abstract Print & Design. Tara had ambitious plans to grow the business from the get-go, and the company rebranded to Abstract Creative Studio in 2021, to reflect the company’s studio of designers and teamwork ethos of communicating and delivering high-quality design. The rebrand was inspired by our creativity in coming up with bright design ideas for our clients, emphasising our approach of designing from your customer’s perspective.

our vision

We want to be recognised as an award-winning organisation for our company culture and the highest level of customer satisfaction. We intend to encourage and motivate every individual on our journey to be the best they can and be proud of who they are and what they achieve.

our mission

To inspire growing and forward-thinking businesses to flourish. This is by using a modern and innovative approach to design, created by us, giving long-term support while visually communicating their own story and vision.

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The Abstract team are a friendly, down-to-earth bunch of people, committed to helping you achieve great things with top quality design.

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