20 December 2021

How to Improve Customer Retention with Graphic Design

How to Improve Customer Retention with Graphic Design

Treating your customers well and meeting their needs in meaningful ways is crucial to a business’s success. When business owners think about ways to market themselves to new and existing customers, they often think of how to make an emotional connection to their customers on some level. Visual communication - specifically, graphic design - is an excellent way to drive meaningful conversations and connect with your customers.

Though it does pose the question, is it more important to attract new customers or retain existing ones?

Attracting vs. Retaining Customers - Which is More Important?

Attracting new customers through graphic design can be a challenge, particularly online. To attract more like-minded customers who will benefit from your products and services, you’ll need to understand their online behaviours.

When marketing your business to new customers, it goes without saying you need to make a solid first impression. With the power of brand design, logo design, social media design, traditional print and digital design, you can communicate:

  • Your value proposition
  • What makes your business unique
  • How you add value
  • How you’re different from your competitors

This first impression is crucial, so you need to ensure that anytime a potential customer sees your social media page, business logo, business card, website, or any printed material, they are convinced that you are the best business for them.

Retaining customers relies on all of the above - and making your branding appealing - but all of your marketing materials need to be consistent.

If your customers come to you because of your excellent service, you should reflect this in your supporting marketing materials. By staying true to the values and characteristics of your brand that have already proven valuable, you’ll keep them happier for longer.

How to Make Customers Feel Valued with Graphic Design

Why are we telling you this? You can make your customers feel valued through the power of graphic and digital designs, which are professional, high-quality and reflective of your brand.

We’ve also outlined three unique ways you can do that, with graphic design ideas at the heart of them, to communicate with your customers at every stage of your marketing funnel.

Interactive Surveys or Check-Ins

With Christmas looming, checking in and communicating with your customers is important. However, it’s vital to do this all year round, rather than exclusively during the festive period.

How can you be sure they’ll respond to you? High-quality graphic designs can make all the difference from a visual and UI (user interface) perspective. Engaging them with professional business graphics, reminding them of check-ins or asking them to fill in a survey will capture their attention and make them feel involved.

Visual Content that Delivers Real Value

You have to make sure the content you provide to your customers - digital brochures, social media graphics, infographics etc. - is relevant and interesting. However, this is nothing without ensuring they’re presented in a visually appealing way.

Using graphic design to make your content visually appealing will make key information easier to remember AND instil more confidence in your brand. Our examples include a variety of social media designs, including header, post and story templates.

(H3) Personal Gifts with Meaningful Designs

Being transparent about how much you value your customers can positively affect your existing relationships. Consider sending thank you cards, hand-written notes or other relevant gifts that communicate your brand to show your appreciation. Long-standing clients will appreciate the personal touch - it’s the little things that go a long way.

Considering thank you cards? We will touch more on this in our next blog post.

How Graphic Design Helped a Surrey Business Improve Conversion Rates

“I arranged a meeting, following the review, with my copywriter, social media and website developers and Abstract to put together a plan. This resulted in completing a quoting pack that I could use to give out when quoting potential customers and marketing materials that I could give out, with my follow up pack that I give when completing a client's work.

I believe the quoting pack has improved my conversion rate and the follow up pack is still yet to show results as early in the process but what I do know is that it feels great to have something professional and that represents my brand and company to leave behind with a client.

Abstract have pulled together my brand, services I offer and why we are different to create attractive, professional and consistent design that represents my company and communicates with my clients at every stage.”

Sophie Wickenden - Sophie Sews

Free Brand Review with a Graphic Design Agency in Hampshire

If you’re trying to grow your business, finding new customers is essential, but retaining your existing ones is equally crucial.

With the help of Abstract Creative Studio, an experienced and customer-focused graphic design agency in Hampshire, we can work with you to produce relevant, engaging designs that represent your brand identity and business to achieve both of these goals. We believe the crucial ingredient to any graphic design company is understanding your customers, which is why we design with your customer in mind.

Our design team has produced graphic designs for a wide range of businesses, all of which require different approaches, areas of focus and unique target audiences. We have been able to help with their marketing materials, from online brochures and business cards to a complete, cohesive rebrand. To see the scope of our work, have a browse of our graphic design services in our digital booklet.

To see how we can help, why not book a free, 45-minute business brand review with us? Get in touch for more information.