10 November 2021

Tips for Communicating Effectively with Social Media Design

Tips for Communicating Effectively with Social Media Design

We are surrounded by information everywhere we look, whether we’re online or offline. As graphic designers, we understand how important it is to create visual materials to support a business’ marketing strategy to cut through this information overload and catch the eyes of your customers quickly.

Visually enticing and eye-catching materials are crucial for getting your customers to notice you and communicating your key message(s) effectively. One of the best ways to capture your customers’ attention  is with eye-catching social media templates, including images, banners and similar branded graphics.

Visual Communication Through Social Media Graphics

Social media marketing is a crucial part of your broader marketing strategy. It has to support and complement your other marketing efforts while being consistent with your branding. One of the most effective ways your social media strategy can be improved is by using professionally designed graphics and templates.

Regardless of how convincing your copy and supporting text is, your social media images are crucial to get your content noticed. Social graphics have to grab people’s attention in a split second as invariably, they’ll be browsing their Newsfeeds or Explore pages and often won’t stop to read paragraphs of text without an eye-catching image.

Businesses communicating to their customers through social media platforms would benefit greatly from consistent designs. Whether in Facebook posts or Instagram stories (and everything in between), professional, high-quality designs are far more effective than a series of stock images and erratic posts, without that structured and consistent approach.

At Abstract Creative Studio, we design with your customer in mind and collaborate with you to find the best type of social media design based on your goals and strategy. We work with you to find ways you can communicate more effectively through social media, as well as a wide range of printed material options alongside that (if necessary).

Creating Engaging Social Media Designs and Templates

As graphic designers in Hampshire offering a series of social media design services, we wanted to share details of a startup client that benefited from our structured approach.

Vestium, a bespoke furniture fitting company, has recently launched their business and are promoting it through Instagram. We have worked with them to create a consistent, strong brand identity, transferring this to their blossoming online presence with professional and compatible social media templates.

Already, Vestium is experiencing qualified leads through this channel, helping them establish a solid base as they continue to grow.

Social Media Design Tips

With this example in mind, we have put together a few design considerations for improving communication with your customers.


Your design colours are vital for making your designs eye-catching. Don’t expect everyone to visit your page straight away without any colourful imagery to catch their eyes. Some users will simply scroll their feeds for information, so if they stumble across a post organically, it pays off to ensure it’s colourful enough  to pique their interest and they aren’t going to scroll past it within seconds.


Getting people to read the captions or text on your image is more challenging than getting them to notice your image in the first place. So you need to consider your font and typeface to ensure it’s clear and straightforward to read.


Contrast in graphic design can help give a specific visual element additional focus. Using the right amount of contrast can strengthen your design idea and complement the content, drawing eyes to the important design elements.


Consider using social media design templates for certain ‘categories’ of content. For example, use a specific type for blog posts, one for industry updates and so on. Your customers will begin to recognise what you’re communicating based on the design features.


Integrating your brand and logo into your social media graphics helps to build credibility and recognition with your customers. This, in turn, helps your audience absorb your information easier, provided your branding doesn’t detract from your content.


Whether a design is complex or straightforward, it should always be clear. Don’t let your message be watered down within a sea of text or features that dilute your message. With graphic design experts like Abstract Creative Studio working with you, we can help you find that perfect balance.

All of the above considerations must be perfectly aligned with your design goals and strategy. However, most importantly, each social media post should have a clear CTA. Establish exactly what you want your customers to do, whether that’s to like, share, comment, repost or visit your site.

Help from an Award-Winning Graphic Design Agency in Hampshire

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