19 November 2021

Reflections: Abstract at the Hampshire Business Awards

Reflections: Abstract at the Hampshire Business Awards

Reflections: Abstract at the Hampshire Business Awards

As graphic designers in Hampshire, we take great pride in collaborating with other local businesses trying to grow and reach more of their target audience with powerful designs.

Over the years, Abstract Creative Studio have made and maintained strong relationships among many Hampshire and Surrey-based businesses. As a result, we have been recognised in one of the community’s most prestigious local business ceremonies, the Inspire Business Awards.

Inspire Business Awards

The Inspire Business Awards celebrates the success of local businesses in Hampshire, from Andover in the West to Farnborough in the East, and everywhere in between. Every autumn, hundreds of local companies are invited to attend the annual Inspire awards ceremony, promoting the region’s best-performing businesses and celebrating their achievements.

In the 2020 awards, Tara Morris (Abstract MD) won the Young Person in Business Award, which recognises individuals under the age of 30, who can demonstrate diligence and success in growing their businesses.

We all know how difficult 2020 was, with almost every business being affected in some manner by the COVID-19 pandemic. Abstract were no different, as we had to adapt working habits suddenly and accommodate our clients’ various changing circumstances. Despite this obstacle, we continued working and providing graphic design services for our clients in a structured and consistent way.

We are tremendously grateful that many other local businesses showed continued faith in us throughout a turbulent period for everyone. It was an honour to receive this award.

While we are not a finalist in the 2021 Inspire Business Awards, we are still tremendously proud of those businesses that have also shown courage in the face of adversity, given 2021 hasn’t exactly been easy either. For the 2021 ceremony, we will still be attending and showing our support for the 2021 finalists. We are excited to be part of an excellent evening celebrating their achievements.

Reflecting on Lessons Learned

As a Hampshire-based graphic design agency, our first exposure to this annual business awards ceremony was in 2019 when we were a finalist for Employer of the Year. That first distinction as a finalist encouraged and inspired us to continue to improve.

2020 presented numerous challenges for business owners who were, until the pandemic, heading towards a better year than the last. We were no different, and the pandemic didn’t deter us from achieving some targets we’d set for ourselves. However, despite this, we had to adapt and move forward as much as possible, leading to us still achieving terrific milestones. Now, as we approach 2022, it’s important to reflect on how far we’ve come.

Since winning the award in 2020, we have rebranded from our previous name, Abstract Print & Design, to our new name Abstract Creative Studio. We felt this rebrand was more reflective of our direction as a graphic and digital design agency. We have also launched our brand new website, welcomed our amazing team back into our new-and-improved office, and been fortunate to collaborate with more local businesses to add value to our clients.

Winning an award after such a demanding and challenging year was incredibly rewarding for us.

We help our clients communicate to their audience with digital designs, social media templates and more. Throughout 2020, where the work landscape had changed dramatically, this was vital for our clients who needed to communicate to their audience regularly. Their business had changed due to COVID-19, and they needed to let their customers know what was different and how it affected them.

Regularly communicating with your audience with branded design templates can be effective at drawing eyes to your business. This is no different if you are celebrating a milestone achievement or winning an award. You can do this through social media graphics, email graphics, your website, and more.

Free Brand Review with a Graphic Design Agency in Hampshire

Abstract take great pride in helping other local businesses grow and flourish with the power of consistent designs that are aligned with their marketing aims. We want to help local business owners recognise the potential of strong, branded graphics that effectively communicate their message to their audience.

We design with your customer in mind.

Looking back on 2020 and 2021, have you been able to drive your business forward in the way you wanted? Have you had to make changes within your company and adapted how you work or provide your services? Have you begun to rethink ideas for your business’ branding as you head into the new year?

If so, get in touch with us and get a free, no-obligation 45-minute brand review with the Abstract Creative Studio team.